The Full Service Pet Store of the Lower Keys', Family Owned and Operated

2508-102 N Roosevelt Boulevard - Key West FL 33040 - (305)296-6912

Our team members care as much about your pets as you do!  Here's a little info about them...

Jen's pet mini-rooster, Domino.
Owners Mike and Jen purchased the long established Keys pet shop in 2005. Mike left a 13 year career as a police officer to help Jen, who was already working at the shop. Jen's love of animals is known throughout the community. They personally own 3 dogs, 2 Macaws, 2 monitors, and a two-toed sloth.

Jessica & Frances Bean
 Our Manager, Jessica and her husband have a Boxer named Frances Bean and share a love for fish. She is a great resource for your fresh or saltwater fish questions as well as helping you prepare to bring home a new family member.  

Amber Lafleur

Amber and her children have 2 American Pit Bull Terriers named Justice and Achilles that are just the sweetest! She is a great resource for training, housebreaking, and all things dog. Amber has continued to add on to her family and has 5 ferrets!

Katie and her family call their household "Noah's Ark." They have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, 4 frogs, fish, and a turtle.  She is a great resource for all things animal!
Jenna has a dog and lovebirds.  She is very happy to help you find the best for your pet. 
Jessica Y. loves all animals! She has a hedgehog, a Golden Retriever, and recently added a chinchilla.
  Amber W. and her husband recently moved here from the Bahamas.  They have a dog.  Amber is a great resource in training your dog.  
  Shea is our Groomer. She has 3 dogs, 3 cats, 9 birds of various sizes, and 3 kids. She is very attentive to your dog's needs and cares while grooming and pampering them.  

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