When your pooch needs a place to play for the day...
Our boarding facilities are available for Doggie Day Care at the rate of $20 per day.

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 6:00pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm.

We have the finest boarding facilities in the Keys.  Each kennel is 5 feet x 6 feet and
air conditioned.  Your dog is played with outside 5 to 7 times each day.

If any fleas are found on the animal, they will receive a flea treatment at a cost of $15.

Please call 305-296-6912 to check availability and make a reservation.  A copy of your dog's vaccine records will be required to accept any dog for boarding or day care.  We will accept records by fax to 877-729-2004, please reference dog's name and your last name on any fax.

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